What is Webhosting ?


Web hosting is an internet service type that enable Individual,Businesses and Organization Show their Business to the rest of the world using website.Renting server space that is connected to the internet. Web hosting Companies allow Individuals,Businesses and Organization Show their personal branding, Businesses or Organization to the rest of the world by renting a server space where the website is stored, So it can be retrieved whenever the website is typed on a browser or search engine.Such server Space could be in a collocation, a type of Data center that store or host their website and other internet application.

Web hosting Companies rent out server space in terms of Storage size specified in Gigabytes,  bandwidth and IP address to web hosting customers who wishes to have a website over the internet.You can gain access to the server space being rented to you over the internet through what is called Control Panel usually found in the client Area Provided by the web hosting Company.


There are 10 Types of Web hosting

1)Shared hosting

2)Re seller hosting

3)Dedicated hosting

4)Virtual Private Server hosting

5)Cloud Hosting

6)Grid hosting

7)Clustered hosting

8)collocation hosting

9)Home Server hosting

10)Managed hosting

But the type of Web hosting service we are most concern about are

1)Shared hosting

2)Dedicated hosting

3)Cloud hosting

4)Virtual Private Server hosting

Shared Hosting

This when so many websites or applications owned by different client are hosted on one particular server.That is to say all client on that particular server share the same hardware resources.Thus so many websites or applications on the server lead to limited hardware resources for each individual website or application.There often less expensive and share the same IP. Although you can request for a dedicated IP.

This is a Type of Web hosting service Where by many  Customers websites or accounts files or websites are hosted on a one particular server.It could range from two accounts to as much as fifty accounts.That is to say the customers or account situated on that particular server all share the same resources in terms of hardware.Ram,Processors, and bandwidth.

Shared hosting is the most common type of web hosting types and is quite affordable. Web hosting services are charged per month.But the payment are usually made on per year bases, that is to say the sum of each payment per month multiply by 12 month which makes one year are paid for web hosting service for a year.Businesses that are serious.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting type is when a server is rented out to a client .The whole server is under the control of the client.The hardware resources is not shared with anyone. This gives the client exclusive privilege to the Administrative section of the server. It is worth mentioning that the server does not belong to the client.Having full control over the administrative section or part, make the customer responsible for the security and maintenance of the server.

Cloud hosting

This is a decentralized type of hosting where by companies in the cloud network, can compensate when a single piece of hardware goes down.User or client are often charged base on resources consumed.One good thing  about cloud hosting is that. It is not affected by local power disruption or natural disasters,The lack of centralization pose a problem when it comes to security or privacy concerns.

Virtual private server hosting

Virtual private server also known as virtual dedicated servers. In this type of hosting the server is divided in such a way that does not reflect the underlining hardware resources.Hence the name virtual Private server. Client could have access to their own root of their virtual private server.Virtual private server also called (VPS) is implemented for so many reasons. One of which is the ability to move a virtual private server (VPS) container between servers.

Accessing Server space


Web hosting companies usually Provide a platform or a means by which client manage their Server space. Such platform is usually called control panel.A web hosting server that does not have a user control panel is called headless server.

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