What is the internet?


The internet is a global system of interconnected Computer devices that make use of Protocol and IP to link devices worldwide.It is a network of local to global scale that make use of electronic devices such as routers and web servers, Optical technologies connected in such a way as to allow the transfer of information with in the entire network.

What does the internet carries?

The internet carries a wide range of information and resources, such as applications of the world wide web(WWW) electronic mail, file sharing application.The internet transport large amount of data between each devices connected to the network. Data flow between devices in a unique way, that makes all devices in the network contribute to the whole existence of the network.

What makes up the internet?

The internet is made up of so many things. Both hardware and software, linked together. Hard ware such as web servers, routers, nodes and so on form part of the hardware section of the internet.The software aspect of the internet deals with how devices understand themselves . The transmission of data is done by use of protocols ,TCP Protocol, UDP Protocol ,IP and so many.Those protocols form the medium by which every devices in the network understand and communicated with each other.

Origin of the internet.

The origin of the internet date back to researched commission by the Federal government of united state in the 1960s to build robust more reliable communication System with computer networks.ARPANET initially served as a backbone for connecting military networks and academic network in the 1980s.The Funding of the National Science foundation Network served as a new backbone for the internet in 1980s, as well as private funding for worldwide participation in the development of a new networking technologies and the merger of many existing networks.

The Transition to modern day internet.

As commercial network enterprises started to join the network in the early 1990s. It marked the Transition to the modern day internet. And as since then sustain an exponential growth as generations of institutions, businesses, personal and mobile computer connect to the network.Although the internet was mostly used by Academicians since the 1980s,Commercialization and growth of the internet has incorporated it services and technologies into virtually every aspect of modern day life.

Redefining Traditional medium.

Most tradition means of communication medium including telephony, radio, television, paper mail including newspapers, are reshaped, redefined or boy courted by the internet, giving birth to a new service type. Such as email, internet telephony, internet television, online music digital newspaper book. Other publishers are adapting to website technology or are reshaped into blogging, new feed.

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