Important of a good web hosting to businesses


                 Many business who sort to take steps ahead of their competitors, do so by having an amazing online presence whose center is their website.How you Present yourself, or business online is very important.Because it changes the way your businesses is viewed by potential client and customers.Giving a bad experience is certainly what you don’t want to Do.As we all know a bad reputation is difficult to change especially when it comes to online, or the internet.Now a days people who has never done business with you seek the thought advice and review from those who already have done business with you, for them to decide if there will do business with you With.With all i have said certainly you would not want to leave a bad experience in the mind of your Customers.

Many web hosting companies who seek mainly profit and does not have the interest of the customers at heart,use less efficient facilities,Which definitely result in low cost for the customer who feel “wow this is cheap and affordable,But after signing up, there have System down time,slow website load speed.Website break down.Lots more frustrating Issues,That will make you want to destroy your computer with  base ball stick. 

In Web hosting  you can get dead cheap plan.But i can tell you  that i was once like that, looking for dead cheap hosting.I know that the hosting plan i picked is not the best neither does it suit my needs, for a optimized,fast speed,SSL certificated website.But i went for it.Because i did not have much money at that time,and i felt i could manage it.Until i get enough money to pay for premium plan,But Managing it is wastage of time, which when lost can not be recovered..It was a horrible experience,The customer care was taking round in cycles,when i send them email.Even With my experience in website Design,I was Stuck.All most every day i will seat down on the computer trying to fix things on my end,But i was not able.I felt sad, and at some other times angry.After a month i left the hosting company.I quickly raised money for the Premium hosting.I wasted time,and Emotional energy that is very crucial in putting my business together.I almost gave up everything about starting a business, because i went for  cheap not quality hosting.Here at Aerial peak we know what it is to have a good web host.And we would not want you to have the same bad experience that we had in the past with cheap hosting from other companies.


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